Our specialty compost is freshly sifted and ready to energize your plants in several ways:

Garden: Before planting, add compost to hole or furrow.  Side dress plants monthly during the growing season.

Houseplants: Sprinkle on soil every month.

Starting Seeds: Mix one part compost with three parts potting soil for a super charged start to your seedlings!



Handmade Worm Bins

Start your own worm bin!  Keep food waste out of the landfill by feeding red wigglers in a beautiful wood box, made by our staff.  Bins comes with everything you need for a successful operation: worms, bedding and instructions.  Perfect for families or classrooms - kids love red wiggler worms.

Compost Tea

Want to give your plants a nutrient infused bath?  Drench your garden and flowers with compost tea, brewed to maximize beneficial microorganisms for your greenery.   Apply it yourself or allow our staff to bathe your plants with the nourishing liquid.

Keeping food out of the landfill.

Students at Cassville Schools started a program in 2018 to divert cafeteria waste from the landfill.  This food feeds the worms at Big River Organics.  Good job Comets!

Save the river, feed the wigglers!

Animal friends at the Maring Family Farm provide manure to our red wiggler worms.  This helps keep run-off out of the Mississippi River.