Repurposed Grain Cleaner

The vermicompost takes about 6 months for the wigglers to create.  We built a handmade trommel or sifter to remove any sticks or stones.  After tons of castings, the trommel broke down from the sheer volume. The machine had ¼ inch hardware cloth which left the compost beautifully sifted.  

I wondered if an electric grain cleaner (which also had ¼ inch screens) could do the trick?  I found one abandoned in an Iowa field which fit the bill perfectly. New compost trommels cost $1500.00 and up…..$200.00 later, I had a new trommel ready to work.  

Part of my business strategy is to repurpose equipment, from my big worm bins to the compost bucket and now, my new trommel.  It saves money and gives new life to equipment with plenty of work left in it.  

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