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Our specialty compost is freshly sifted and ready to energize your plants in several ways Garden: Before planting, add compost to hole or furrow.  Side dress plants monthly during the growing season.


Seed Bombs

Seed bombs consist of compost packed with native seeds designed to throw and grow to support our pollinators. Plant in fall or early spring so seeds can use the cold for better germination.



Honey is grown right in our backyard at Big River Organics. Our happy bees are surrounded by wildflowers.

Workin’ Girls honey is almost always available.  Let us know what you need.


Compost Bin

Start your own worm bin!  Keep food waste out of the landfill by feeding red wigglers in a beautiful handcrafted cedar box, made by our staff.  Bins comes with everything you need for a successful operation: worms, bedding and instructions.


Compost Tea

Want to give your plants a nutrient-infused bath?  Drench your garden and flowers with compost tea, brewed to maximize beneficial microorganisms for your greenery.


Food Waste Pickup

Keeping valuable food waste out of our landfills reduces methane emissions, a contributor to global warming.  Big River Organics mines this energy to create vermicompost. Call us for business and family rates.


Planter Boxes

Tammi Droessler is an accomplished woodsmith and sign maker.  If you need a raised garden bed, planter box or personalized sign, let us know.  We can make it.


Custom Art

Custom handcrafted Cassville art. Rustic handmade corrugated metal/tin signs and custom creations. See more at our Facebook Page.


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