Honey, It’s Here!

Working Girls Honey is as local and sweet as ever, here in Cassville Wisconsin. Here, beekeeper Tammi Droessler carries (carefully)a branch that contains a swarm of our bees. When the hive is thriving and growing, the queen sometimes decides to pack her bags and find new digs. She lays some queen eggs to ensure that her former home will have a future queen. She gives notice to her Working Girls and a week or two later decides to leave with about half of her workers.

Since she cannot fly far, she often lands in a tree nearby with her team. We always have a bee box ready in a nearby tree if she chooses it; otherwise, a swarm in a tree can be carefully shaken into a new hive, as Tammi is preparing to do in this picture.

 As long as the queen makes it into the new hive, all of her workers will march in beside her, ready to create a new home!  

The bees have been preparing for this trip and are well fed and focused.  They are docile and not interested in a fight.  And this is a terrific way to grow your hives.  

Last week we started harvesting our first 2020 honey with a quick three gallons of VERY TASTY liquid gold.  Much more to come.

-Sue Krause, Worm Farmer

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