Composting Girl Scouts

How to start Worm Composting by Girl Scout Troop 3187 Big River Organics helped Troop 3187 Dubuque Iowa, Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa Western Illinois, by providing them with worms so they could learn composting and be considerated for their Bronze Award.

Honey Harvest

A beautiful night to harvest honey. Our Flow Hives allow the honey to pour directly out of the hive without disturbing the honeybees. Gorgeous, delicious and local

Workin’ Girls

 Red wiggler worms are not the only livestock at Big River Organics!   Five hives of honey bees work hard all summer long, foraging for nectar and pollen, raising baby bees and tending to their queen.  These precious insects are our Workin’ Girls!    We have a small orchard near their home which they gladly visit. …

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