Who We Are

Our Story

Worm Farming. Energy Harvesting. Food Waste Reducing.


We are a vermicomposting company located on the banks of the Mississippi River.   For years, Cassville was in the power business, using the river to move coal for her two power plants.  As the economy has turned to cleaner sources of energy, the plants closed.

Big River Organics is also in the energy business, harvesting the power left in food waste, creating new products such as our seed bombs (vermicompost packed with wildflower seeds), compost tea and our nutrient-rich vermicompost for gardeners and nurseries.

Are you interested in worm farming?  We create beautiful, handcrafted worm bins made of durable cedar topped with a driftwood handle.  The wood breathes well and is a superior product compared to plastic bins. The system comes stocked with 1000 healthy worms, bedding, instructions, and a lifetime guarantee.  We will help you every step of the way.

We are solar-powered and the majority of our packaging is compostable.  An important part of our mission is working with local partners to capture food waste, the cornerstone of our business.  At Cassville Schools, students compost all food waste from the cafeteria as well as clean paper towels. The students are diverting a half-ton of waste monthly from the landfill.

Other partners include Okey’s Market (spoiled or outdated produce), Six Rivers Food Pantry, Cassville Cafe, Sandy Bottoms Campground, Platteville’s Driftless Market, Badger Brothers Coffee, and numerous Cassville households.



A Word From the Worm Farmer

Sue Krause, Worm Farmer since 2006.

I wasn’t born in a barn but was certainly raised in my grandparent’s vegetable  gardens. Lunch was often a stop in the strawberry patch. Grandpa did his best teaching me to measure carrot seeds with a ruler, straight rows strung with string and whittled wood markers. 

The bounty came in fall, as the canning jars lined the table: deep red tomatoes,  string beans and grape jelly sealed with wax.