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Big River Organics is your number one source for vermicompost, red wiggler worms, handmade worm bins, honey, wildflower seed bombs, compost tea services & more!


Proof in the Poop.

A bit of magic happens in the gut of the composting worm: digestive juices mix in with the grinding process producing nutrient rich castings or worm poop.  This end product contains microbes and proteins that our plants crave for growth. It is truly a living product that feeds the soil.


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Made locally in Cassville WI



Our specialty compost is called vermicompost: worm poop (castings) which is full of beneficial microbes.


Seed Bombs


Place in your flowerbed, garden or throw where a splash of flower power will brighten the landscape.




Honey is grown right in our backyard at Big River Organics. Our happy bees are surrounded by wildflowers.


Compost Bins


We build custom worm compost bins, topped with a driftwood handle!  


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Lisa M:

“My students are fascinated by vermicomposting. Some even want their own personal worm bin! It’s been a valuable, hands-on experience in my 3rd-grade classroom."

Jon J:

“I am enjoying my new vermicast hobby….works great too!  Our tomatoes were the best this year in several years.”

Jenny J:

 “Love your worm sh*t!”  I mixed up some tea from the vermicompost and sprayed my apple trees. Hey, it keeps the Japanese beetles at bay!”

Cindy T:

“I’ve had my worm bin for almost two years and my worms are thriving!  I absolutely love being able to throw in my veggie and fruit leftovers.”

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